Andrus Card Control 1 by Jerry Andrus Taught by John Redmon video DOWNLOAD


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Incredible moves from the legendary Jerry Andrus are now available for study!

In this foundational volume, John Redmon, close friend and student of Jerry Andrus, will teach you 5 different versions of the Diagonal Jog Push-In Control along with applications for in-jogs, side-jogs, and diagonal-jogs. John will also share insights and nuances to this Master Move that have never been put into print or taught by anyone except by Jerry Andrus in one-on-one sessions. This volume lays the foundation for you to learn this key move that unlocks the legendary Andrus Card Control System.

  • Intro
  • CLIVOT Control
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Master Move
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – At the Fingertips Version
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Timed Version
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Twizted Control
  • Diagonal Jog Push-In Control – Bevel Control
  • Misdirection and Movement Principles
  • In-Jog Techniques
  • Diagonal-Jog Techniques
  • Side-Jog Techniques
  • Personal Insights About Being Friends with Jerry Andrus

Download the video and begin learning these fabulous card controls and more.