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“One of the best card guys I’ve ever seen. Think never ceases to surprise and inspire me.”
– Ollie Mealing

“Every time I see Think’s magic, I’m thinking this is beyond clever, detailed and absolutely magical.”
– John Michael Hinton (Fool Us performer)

“Think is passionate about the art of magic. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to card magic, definitely check out his work!”
– JB Dumas (TV magic consultant)

“Think is one of today’s creative minds in magic.”
– Howard Hamburg

“If you want to watch innovative and captivating card magic, then Think is your man. His cardistry is like watching Mohamed Ali in the boxing ring – It floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!”
– Darryl Rose MIMC Chairman of The Magic Circle (London) Club Night Committee

Think Nguyen is known for his minimalistic, powerful, and creative approach to card magic. Having spent the last 3 years lecturing all over the world, he’s already considered among the giants in the field; a rising star in magic. His passion for the art led him to work on many projects with the biggest names in the magic industry, and his first release, Parallels, was a huge hit of the world renowned Blackpool Convention. In this lecture, you’ll not only witness Think’s innovative, well structured, and fooling card magic, but he’ll also explain it all to you in detail. Come have a peek into Think’s rare and unique mind, right here AT The Table. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Cut on Any Cards: The spectator thinks of a value or selects a card, and the magician is always able to cut to the card. As a climax, the magician can produce any four of a kind on command.

Not a Biddle Trick: Think’s take on the classic and popular Biddle Trick. Trust me, you’ll be surprised. The ending has a new twist you would not expect.

Super Open Prediction: From a shuffled deck, the spectator places their cards under the table and turns a card face-up in the middle of the deck. And it happens to be the card the magician predicted. Uses no weird operandi, streamlined and clear for the spectator.

The Mirror Game: When Do As I Do and Oil and Water meet, you get The Mirror Game. Completely impromptu, the spectator imitates what the magician does, and they happen to separate the cards into red and black.

Minimalistic ACAAN: A card is selected, and the deck is shuffled by a spectator. At the end of the shuffle, the selection is at the requested position. Everything happens under the spectator’s nose.

Cut Yourself: The spectator cuts to their own card (no key card and no crimps).

Pocket Production: The magician and the spectator join forces and work together to mysteriously find a four a kind.

Clear Cuts: The spectator cuts the deck in 4 and he magically cuts to the 4 Aces.

Modern Thought of Card: Think’s take on a Vernon classic.

The Compass: The whole deck comes to life by spinning like compass and it stops itself on the selected card.

“Everything I like about magic. Creative and dynamic.”
– Olmac

“Think manages to bring real magic to classical plots.”
– Alfonso Rituerte