Business Cards by Abhinav Bothra Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


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Everything taught in this downloadable video/eBook:

– Requires little or no preparation
– Is easy to do
– Has almost zero angle issues
– Allows you to hand out business cards

ACCURATE – Based on Andrew Gerard’s Accuracy, it’s different but impromptu. Three objects are hidden — one in each hand, and one in a card box. The performer then deduces the location of each object.

BRIEF BUT ACCURATE – Accurate made short but still effective.

B4 ESPERIENCE – This is how ESPerience used to look like.

DISMANTLE – Spectator-as-mindreader made simple, with seemingly zero involvement of the performer.

HAPTIC – A fun little piece dealing with unconscious cognition, and utilizes your sense of touch.

PINNED UP MEMORY – Spectator stumbles across the PIN of your mobile phone. Later, you demonstrate your memory power.

THIS THAT WHAT? – A different take on the classic This and That card trick, but with business cards and with a twist.

You’ll enjoy Business Cards!

PDF: 20 Pages
Video: 16 Minutes