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The spectator finds their card in an incredible way, with a stunning kicker revelation!

The Jokers are given to a spectator to hold, then a card is selected. This chosen card is now shuffled and lost in the deck. The cards are spread face down and the spectator inserts the face up Jokers around any card, sandwiching and isolating it from the rest. This mystery card is now turned over and incredibly it is their selected card! The effect could end here, but in an unexpected finale, the face up Jokers are turned over to reveal a jaw-dropping prediction on their backs!

  • Any deck can be used
  • No gimmicks
  • Multiple variations taught that are suitable for any skill level
  • The prediction can be varied for the next performance
  • Perfect for walk around or strolling environments
  • Over 30 minutes of video instruction + a PDF guide

“Love it! Easy to perform and comes with strong magical moments! The best part… the spectator seemingly does all the work!”
– Michael O’Brien

Destined is a real fooler, and one you can perform for both a lay audience and fellow magicians with equal aplomb… meticulously designed by a magician, for magicians, and I’m convinced you’ll appreciate it.”
– Rick Carruth, The Magic Roadshow

“Strong influences of both John Bannon and Cameron Francis… easy to do and you will have fun with it.”
– Jim Canaday,

So download the video, grab a deck, a marker, and start learning the clever secrets today!