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Based on the old ‘Fred’ card trick, Wolfgang launched his magician-fooling version, Fred Outdone, in 1990. It caused a sensation amongst magicians, as it added a unique twist — the whole deck could be shown as a red-back deck, except for the Fred card.

In 2017 Wolfgang took the trick to NEW HEIGHTS, hence the new Fred OutdoneĀ² title.

It’s as simple as any spectator naming any card, e.g. seven of hearts. The entire deck is shown to be red backs with different names on the back of each card. Even another seven can be shown to have a red back and a different name. When the seven of hearts is turned over, it is BLUE and has “FRED” written on the back.

An incredible card routine for any serious professional.
The ENTIRE DECK is red backed, except for the ‘Fred’ card!
The entire deck can be CASUALLY HANDLED.
NO rough or smooth principle is used.
NO odds & evens principle is used.
ANY SPECTATOR can name any card.
The trick can even be REPEATED IMMEDIATELY.

The video instructions include:

– FULL explanation
– Sourcing what you need for UNDER $5
– 30 YEARS of refinement explained
– Every move/comment FINELY TUNED
– Packs small- PLAYS BIG
– Perform this routine ANYWHERE
– EASY to do
– MAXIMUM entertainment
– GLOBAL appeal