Let’s Take A Breather by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


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The Breather Crimp is a “tool” used by many Pro magicians to fool OTHER magicians! Learn all about the many uses of the Breather Crimp!

Included are many pix for a full comprehension:


How to Make a Breather Crimp

The Breather Used as a Locator Card

Three EXCELLENT Controls with the Breather

Control of Multiple Selections – Easy method of control!

Vernon/Flosso Card Control Method – This one is ingenious! Learn a “lost secret” that will fool every magician who doesn’t know it!

The Aces Rise Again – A BEAUTIFUL magician-fooler that Tom Craven taught to Paul, years ago… a John Quine effect. Place the four Aces on the bottom of the deck and with ONLY two riffle shuffles… the Aces are found back on top of the deck! THIS WILL FOOL ANY MAGICIAN!

Fire Breather – A beautiful Four Ace production that will fool everyone… many top Pro’s use this method!

The “Floating Key” principle used with a Breather – Which includes:

a) The explanation of a Floating Key
b) How to get a Floating Key card to a specific location… EASILY!
c) Mike Power’s PM Principle using a “floater”
d) A VERY COOL trick!

Download the eBook and video and start learning!