Magic Encarta Presents HoT Change by Vivek Singhi video DOWNLOAD


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The hottest color change you have seen. It’s fast, extremely visual, a one handed color change that requires no sleight of hand.

Air Brush Change
– Turn any selected card blank in the action of brushing the card with your fingers.

Flick Change
– Change one card for another by flicking the card.

Blink Transpo
– A favorite effect in the series where your 2 cards visually switch places in the blink of an eye.

One Punch
– Secretly change one card for another just by turning your wrist.
– Super clean and no funny moves.

Shadow Change
– Utilizing the HoT Change concept, this change doesn’t require you to jolt your hands but cast a shadow on the selection and it changes.

Wave Change
– A super visual change that’s as much fun to perform as it is to see.

– An impromptu color change that can be used as a visual change or as a secret switch for your routines.
– One of the cleanest and easiest switches out there.