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Quote by Jim Swain – magician, author, and gaming expert

“Paul Lelekis is a real magician. He makes his living performing for laymen, and as a result, has a keen sense of what really fools a room full of people.”

“His tricks are entertaining, fun to watch, and always pack a wallop! He’s one of the most knowledgeable guys I know!”

“I you want to learn how to make a living doing magic, listen to what he has to say. You won’t be disappointed!”

This is the sequel to Paul Lelekis’ eBook – My Favorites, which has sold more e-books than any of his 55 books! In this latest tome, My Favorites II – included are five videos of Paul performing the following:

Video #1 The Lelekis False Shuffle – A full deck, in-the-hands false shuffle. It’s E-Z!

Video #2 “The Trick That Can’t Be Explained” is performed and explained in full.

The editor of The Linking Ring mentioned that this trick was performed by more rings across the world than any in memory!


Videos #3, #4, and # 5 – Paul explains, with three videos, The Simplex Bottom Reversal, and four different ways that it can be used. See why magicians around the world are using this sleight…it is SUPERB!

Below are 9 more excellent “workers” that are real winners for any close-up, cabaret or even stage performances.

1) Simplex Matrix Reversal – This matrix is amazing! The four coins gather – then backfire to their original corners…instantly! This beautiful routine is so easy to do!

2) Stunner – A card is freely selected from a red deck and kept face down on the table. A blue deck is shuffled and then a spectator names a number between 10 and 20. The performer cuts a packet from the middle of the deck in just 2 seconds. When counted, it’s exactly the number called out! THAT’S NOT ALL! When the last card is turned over, it matches the chosen red-backed card! This effect is a MIND-BLOWER!

3) Rope-Through-Body – Paul may well be the first to have performed this miracle! A rope is placed around his waist…then is VISIBLY pulled right through his body! Paul has had women flip out…one even ran out of the restaurant, screaming! NO LIE! This is NOT the method for the rope-thru-body found in any other book or video! Put the rope behind your back and then pull it right through…SLOWLY if you wish!

4) Trapped! – This started as a Marlo effect, but Paul took it a step further! After the two red kings trap the four Aces, the two Kings are placed aside. A card is selected and signed and placed into the deck. The two Kings are displayed, front and back, and placed on top of the deck. With ABSOLUTELY NO MOVES and NO palming, the Kings are spread to find the selection! This will even “fry” magicians!

5) Silk To Egg – Learn Paul’s very clever take on this wonderful classic of magic! This effect is great “theater” from close-up to stage…and it is AMAZING!

6) FD Ace Springer – Learn Paul’s very clever variation of a Steve Forte favorite. This is really easy to do…but the spectators will credit you with the skills of the Card Gods!

7) Designer Card – take a female spectator on a designer adventure at Saks Fifth Avenue…and create her very own, lucky designer card! Women LOVE this trick!

8) Gymnastic Aces – Learn Paul Le Paul’s classic card effect that will “Wow!” your spectators as you make the Aces, ONLY, jump from the deck!

9) BONUS! The Trick That Can’t Be Explained – See included video…and this is NOT the Vernon trick requiring “outs”…this is a self-working miracle…period!

PLUS 3 BONUS VIDEOS – Paul’s masterful sleight, The Simplex Bottom Reversal!

Download the eBook and videos and begin learning today!