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Take out your deck of cards. Offer to have them examined and shuffled.

A card is freely chosen and even signed, if you wish. After your spectator signs the card, lend the smartphone to the spectator.

The cards are placed face down. No one (and this is true) knows the location of the selected card.

You then carry one card at a time to the flashlight of the face-down smart phone. One by one, touch the flashlight with each card.

Suddenly, one and only one card makes the flashlight react by turning on!

Turn the card over — it’s the spectator’s selected (and signed) card!

To finish, share ALL (Smartphone, card, case card) for examination!

  • Works with Android phone only
  • There is no forcing or manipulation
  • The effect is amazing — the smartphone light seems to turn on after contact with the card!

Download the video and learn it now!