Paradigm Shift by Joe Rindfleisch – Video DOWNLOAD


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A blue and yellow rubber band are held in different positions in the hand and magically they are made to change place. This is visual magic at its best.

From the mind of Joe Rindfleisch comes an amazing new effect. Based off a puzzle Joe has transformed it into a visual piece of amazing magic. With just a shake, two bands change places. This effect can be repeated as many times as you like, then to conclude hand out the bands for examination.

Here’s what some of the Pros are saying:

“Paradigm Shift is so great it’s going right in to my repertoire!”
– Dan Hauss

“It looks like CGI!”
– Hondo

“What was once a kid’s puzzle grows up and gets a Masters in mystery!”
– Vincent Mendoza

“Paradigm Shift completely changes the game – your rubber band magic will never be the same!”
– Chastain Criswell