Quick Change – One Piece and Two Piece Suit – Tuxedo Suits to Any Costume by Lee Alex eBook DOWNLOAD


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“Quick Change – One Piece and Two Piece Suit – Tuxedo Suits to Any Costume”

Extracted from Time for a Change?, Lee Alex’s bestselling book on quick change costumes for men.

Completely revised and updated for this special download version.

This download booklet describes in full detail, with illustrations and photographs, two separate methods of quick-change costume from tuxedo to any other costume. Written in an easy-to-read, practical to follow, step-by-step manner, this costume change is designed for the working magician and may be performed solo. Lee Alex describes the construction of the costumes, how to dress and how to undress the costume, with many additional ideas.

Ideal for those who require a single costume change in their repertoire, these methods are ideal for the magician, MC, or any kind of magical entertainer.

The techniques described within this book are not limited to a tuxedo change, but may be applied to the costume of your choice.

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52 pages