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In this one-hundred-page eBook, you will not only learn practical modern and classic billet techniques, but new routines that will change the way you see billets forever. This is a course for all three levels of mentalists — beginner, intermediate and expert. This is a course that will have you returning to learn new techniques and routines that can be performed on stage and close-up. If you want to learn new routines and techniques, be inspired to create your own and revisit classics, to learn more about classic billet material – and genuinely shock your audience – you need this eBook.

Believe me when I say I have put so much effort into this eBook. This is not an eBook that you will read and put down and move on. This is an eBook that is overflowing with so much practical material, that you will find yourself referring back to it time and time again. Each individual routine and technique is worth the price of admission.

Now I could blabber on about this eBook for hours, but I suggest you just read below to see what material you will be receiving:

Typhon: This is an instant access Center Tear that I have developed over the last few years.

Abaddon: This is one of my favorite billet routines of all time. It is the perfect Living and Dead test with no markings. I also included a variation of Abaddon that I worked on with Richard Osterlind.

Ten Star Mind Explosion: In this, the spectator names ten letters. Each letter is written down, then one by one they are crossed out and eliminated in a fair and easy to follow manner (no Equiv*que). The spectator is left with one final letter. They then announce a name starting with that final letter before it is revealed to have been predicted by you from the very start.

TOP: A funky prediction with a perfect segue to a center tear routine.

Deactivating Forever: An incredible routine where the spectator names their favorite type of coffee. That exact type of coffee has been in the performer’s hand from the very start! (100% sure fire).

The Broken Triangle 2.0: The spectator is shown a list of twenty popular movies. The spectator then thinks of one of the movies and, with nothing written down, the performer is able to divine their thought! You will also learn a brilliant way to perform this for two spectators. (NO PA or Pe*ks).

Sixty Sixty Pe*k: This is a pe*k that is done after folding the billet five times. It is a completely new method; never before seen.

Red Pill, Blue Pill: The spectator is shown a prediction. The performer asks the spectator to decide on either taking a red pill or a blue pill. After deciding which pill to take, the spectator then imagines the pill in one of their hands. Once they have decided which hand the pill should be in, the performer unfolds the prediction to reveal that they did not only predict which pill the spectator imagined taking, but also which hand in which they hid it.

The Obsolete Principle: A refreshing new principle that allows you to force anything written on a billet from a small stack of billets.

The Dreamers: A dream divination routine that uses The Obsolete Principle.

Elementary: An incredible prediction routine utilizing the four elements. This routine also involves The Obsolete Principle.

Positive vs Negative: Again, using The Obsolete Principle, this is a beautiful routine where the spectator is able to select the only card that has a positive message out of four.

The Single Envelope Test: An incredible drawing duplication routine. In addition to the versatile basic routine, you will also receive a zodiac divination form.

The Tin Machine: A new two-way-out system built inside an envelope.

Bonus Presentations: In addition to teaching you new presentations on how to reveal thoughts of various types (pets, colors, names and much more), Remastered will also teach you the real secrets of how to properly reveal thoughts; you will also be receiving theory on Justifications, Indexes and Getting New Clients.

“I like it. I like the different take on the living/dead, and the ***** works great. Nice sequence!”
– Mark Strivings on Abaddon

“This is a very sensible approach to using this type of gimmick. There is a logical reason for the drawings on the envelope which makes everything self-contained, including obtaining the needed information.”
– Kenton Knepper on The Single Envelope Test

“It is great to see Emma putting her mind to existing principles and making them more practical and even more impossible by adding deceptive layers along with wonderful routining.”
– Joel Dickinson on The Ten Star Mind Explosion

“Beautiful work Emma! I love the Door Envelope and other ideas that I prefer to not explicitly say. Keep your wonderful creativity alive.”
– Pablo Amira

“What it is not is another entry level study into billets, there is a clever undercurrent and approach to Emma’s creativity. Whilst the focus in this is on billets, performance ideas and justifications, there is also a clever new billet tear and peek method, plus some envelope work amongst other chapters, all which has evidently been performed, given how well explained all is. This is one of a trilogy of forthcoming volumes by Emma and I look forward to reading the rest.”
– Steve Drury. Co-Founder of PSYCRETS. British Society of Mystery Entertainers