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When stationary objects begin moving by themselves, into impossible positions, you quickly capture your audience’s attention!

Imagine borrowing a ring, placing it flat on your palm, and causing it to rise to a full vertical position and stand by itself in your hand. Now imagine performing this without using any threads, magnets, rubber bands, elastics, or electronics. With Surp’Rise you can achieve this. You literally “Breathe Life into the Ring.”

Here is what happens:

Borrow a ring from a spectator and place it in your hand. Tell your spectator that you are going to breathe life into it. Now blow on the ring just for a brief moment and then, under your control, causing it to rise all the way until it stands. Looks amazing!

Consider this:

– No threads, magnets, rubber bands, elastics, or electronics
– Everything is under your complete control
– Everything is examinable
– Hands are completely empty all the time
– Gimmick is very simple and is extremely easy to handle
– You can customize Surp’Rise to work with different suitable objects
– It is extremely practical
– Perform it anytime and anywhere