THE BIOLOGY OF HYPNOSIS – The Neuroscience of Mind Body Healing by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


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WARNING – The use of extremely strong language, adult themes, and (for some) shocking visual imagery is used extensively during both of the training day video sets contained within this download package.


Within this downloadable zip file package, you will gain access to 25 video files with a combined viewing time of approx. six and a half hours. This was professionally filmed during hypnotist Jonathan Royle’s “Biology of Hypnosis” seminar on May 2nd 2019 at Future House Therapy Centre in Chesterfield, England.

Subtitled “The Neuroscience of Mind Body Healing“, Royle delves deep into the academic, clinical and scientific studies and evidence that prove beyond any doubt that the mind can and does heal the body, even to the point of being able to cause cellular level and genetic changes within the physical human body.

We examine the pioneering work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, and discover how and why a good understanding and working knowledge of the field of epigenetics is so important for all mind therapists and indeed all practitioners of any complementary and/or alternative medicine modalities.

Evidence is provided showing that it is possible, in many cases, to “cure” people through mind power alone – people who have, by conventional medicine, been diagnosed as “incurable”. We of course also cover the legal aspects, such as the fact we cannot legally claim to “cure” people of such allegedly terminal illnesses and/or diseases.

Along the way, we examine the work of Louise Hay and her book, You Can Heal Your Life, along with the valuable contents of books such as Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz (medical doctor and plastic surgeon), The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbet Benson (medical doctor) and of course The Psycho-Biology of Mind Body Healing by Ernest Lawrence Rossi (medical doctor), who was once a student of the legendary hypnotherapist, Milton Hyland Erickson.

The truth about the Law of Attraction and self-help books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is also revealed as we illustrate the truth behind such approaches and how to make them work more effectively once you understand the true “Biology of Hypnosis“.

We’ll examine how and why stage hypnosis really works and what relevance truly understanding this has to becoming a far more confident, competent and successful hypnotic exponent.

Shockingly, along the way, we also discover that the so called “Grandfather of Modern Day Hypnosis Therapy”, Milton Hyland Erickson, was (despite popular belief to the contrary) little more than a power hungry, egotistical, perverted and arguably INCOMPETENT conman who blew his apparent achievements way out of proportion. Often, it would seem, he even regularly just flat out lied about them!

We dip a toe into the worlds of MKUltra style mind control techniques and delve into the world of multiple personality disorders along with dissociative identity disorders and discover what valuable things we can learn along the way.

Ultimately, we discover the amazing and thought provoking truth about what hypnosis truly is, how it truly works (when it does), and how to ensure that your success rates are massively increased when you put these new learnings, insights and techniques to use within your work.

You will also witness a demonstration of, and then learn the “secrets” behind, several extremely rapid psychological treatment techniques devised by Jonathan Royle himself. One example is shown in the short video at the top of this page.

Royle, who is not only an award winning hypnotist (the fourth hypnotist in the world to ever be inducted into the South African Academy of Hypnosis Hall of Fame), is also a multiple award winning magician. He will also enlighten you to how the use of a few simple magic tricks within your clinical practice will dramatically and positively increase your success rates.

Whether it is for the treatment of habits, addictions, fears, phobias or health issues and/or psychological problems from A through to Z, once you understand the powerful psychology behind these cutting edge strategies you will undoubtedly become a far more confident, competent and truly successful mind therapy consultant.

Audio recordings of the event are also provided along with a FREE COPY of “The Royle Event” training seminar videos which, on their own, retail for $147.

These are included as a bonus, due to their comprehensive expose of the true healing powers and implications of the Placebo, Nocebo, Hawthorne and Totem Effects.

We know that the content of this package is so potentially life changing for all who will study it, that we have made it reassuringly expensive.

YES, you will learn about some of the world’s most effective rapid and instant hypnotic induction techniques and combining them into your therapy work…
YES, you will learn (along with reference to cutting edge scientific and clinical research findings) the REAL TRUTH about the Placebo, Nocebo, Hawthorne and also, of course, the Totem Effect.

YES, you will learn numerous actual treatment techniques which you will instantly be able to implement into your practice.

BUT most of all you will learn how TO BE A REAL HEALER…

And YES, you will most certainly discover the REAL KEYS TO BEING A HYPNOTIST.

For a strictly limited time only, you can obtain this package for far less than you should be charging and earning from a single hypnotherapy treatment session, but hurry as we reserve the right to increase the price in the very near future.

WARNING – The use of extremely strong language, adult themes, and (for some) shocking visual imagery is used extensively during both of the training day video sets contained within this download package.