The Vault – SS2 (Seductive Switch 2) by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD


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Paul Harris Presents SS2 (Seductive Switch 2)

Now you can do Paul Harris’s legendary Seductive Switch effect with all of the cards face up! From the True Astonishments Box Set.

An in-their-hands Blackjack transposition like no other! Easy to do.

Effect: Give your spectator a Jack and a Six – you have the Ace. They cover up the Jack and Six by sandwiching them between their hands – you cannot get to those cards! Show the spectator that you’re folding your Ace into quarters. THEN say you’ve amazingly switched it for their Six – impossible! They open their hands, and it’s true – they’re now holding the Jack and ACE! They open up your folded card – it’s now the Six!

A modern miracle with a theme relatable to everyone.

Download the video today!