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“Fun, visual, direct magic with a quirky twist!”

– Caleb Wiles

Forget everything you know about transpositions. Go ahead, do it. Because Kyle Purnell just redefined visual with the White Whale; Kyle’s pet collection of 2 visually stunning transpositions that require no duplicates, extra cards, or any gimmicks. 100% Sleight of hand.

1st Phase: One at a time, the ink is removed off of 4 playing cards, and impossibly appears on 4 blank cards that were in full view on the table the entire time.

2nd Phase: Your spectators’ jaws will hit the floor when they actually see the ink visually FADE AWAY on all four cards, and travel to the blank cards on the table again…. And of course, everything is immediately examinable.

As you can expect from Kyle, this is a workhorse of a routine that works in any close-up conditions, has little to no angle considerations, and has CGI level visuals, but designed for real world performance. So grab four Blanks and four Cards, and let’s take a dive into the White Whale!

“Kyle is a jerk and fools me all the time! He’s created another great trick for close up and walk around. Strong visual magic! I’m going to learn it. It’s look fun!”

– Robert Ramirez

“Kyle, put down the cards, and do the damn dishes!”

– Kyle’s wife