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Presentation and Script are the key elements that differentiate an amateur from a professional, hobbyist from an expert, trickster from a magician.

TIMELINE works to establish just that. It is a short 3-minute close-up act, scripted and theatrical. It uses a borrowed deck of playing cards.

With only 2 basic sleights and your script, you’re able to make people feel that they’re watching an expert at work.

You tell a short essay on TIME, and magic happens almost by itself while the essay is being narrated.

Each action and revelation is perfectly supported by the script. Here are the opening lines:

“If there is one thing no one can escape from – it is time. In fact, even if you go out into space or deep under water, you’re still dominated by time because your oxygen tank will run out at some point. From Time originated the concept of TIMELINE. And that has 3 parts – Past, Present and Future.”

In here, you’ll find my script in a PDF file and the presentation in a video file.

1. It needs a working surface to ribbon-spread the deck.
2. The script is easy to remember and is not rigid — there is room for customization to make it feel like your own.

Download the eBook and learn this great effect.