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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.

Vanish Magazine 65

86 pages

  • Cover story featuring Amber Lynn and her unique style of magic. We also look at how magicians can protect their intellectual property with Sara J. Crasson, Nick Lewin is one of the first performers at Making Magic at Marvyn’s Magic Theatre, Felicity Fields shares her views on ‘A Guideline to Touch’ – very important in todays world. Product Highlights include Trachtenberg, and Compact Vase by Victor Voitko.
  • Magic Tricks include Silk Surprise by Colin Underwood, Gozinta-Shot by Louie Foxx, Card Addition by Paul Romhany, A magical card revelation by Dave Attwood.
  • Where Art Meets Magic by Joe Ledoux
  • Magic Is Education by Jeff Christensen

Magic Review: Quatro Wallet, Crimson Deck, Connected, Together 2.0, Scryer’s Elite, Twister Magic’s Zombie Book, Cardio Graphic Bunny and Harpa Crown by Mark Chandaue