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Issue 13:

  • From the Editor by Paul Romhany
  • News by Nick Lewin
  • Show Me the Funny by Keith Fields
  • A Professional Magician Can Seem So Uncharitable Sometimes by Alan Hudson
  • Misdirection is the Main Ingredient by David Gabbay
  • Ten Little Secrets by Timothy Hyde
  • Daryl: The Interview by Nick Lewin
  • Interview: Jim Steinmeyer – Disney Brings Aladdin to Broadway by Ben Robinson
  • Married in Magic by Matthew Fallon
  • The Magicians Cabaret by Harry Monk
  • Ten Brushes With Greatness by Steve Spill
  • Mentalism: An Adventure in Mysticism by P. Craig Browning
  • Bello Nock Rocks Broadway (Again) by Ben Robinson 
  • Six Short Stories by Dan Sperry
  • Jeff McBride’s Magic and Mystery School – Tapping Your Own Creative Potential by Tobias Beckwith
  • David Berglas Q&A With Full Circle Magic
  • Car Launch by Yasas
  • Ten New Rules for Magicians by Nick Lewin
  • Bachstage – Testimonials, Reviews, and Comments
  • Outerbridge – Who’s That? by Ted Outerbridge
  • Do You Have a Back Up Show? by Peter Mennie
  • Child’s Play – Giving Back to the Community by Tony Chris 
  • Save Time and Be More Productive With This One Tool by Leif David
  • Nickle Van Wormer Presents Brick and Mortar Shops
  • Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
  • The Archer by Danny Archer
  • Phoney Escape by Louie Foxx
  • Creativity – Scarf Through Torse by Maximilian Draco
  • Magic Reviews by Paul Romhany and Friends