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Imagine when you see magic in action and it happens instantly, right in front of you! A question runs through your mind: “WHEN did that happen?” Here’s our new effect, appropriately titled, WHEN.

WHEN, by SaysevenT, is a description of the following effect. A card is placed in the middle of the deck. The magician or the spectator touches the card. At that very moment, the card changes into another card! A question then arises in the spectator’s mind: “WHEN did that happen?”

It’s IMPORTANT to remember:

– NO gimmick
– NO gaff
– NO special deck


– Video download with a detailed explanation
– The tutorial is EASY to understand
– EASY to follow along
– EASY to perform
– GREAT for STREET magic (your spectator may touch the card)

WHEN does it happen?” “WHEN does it happen?” “WHEN does it happen?” LEARN IT NOW!