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X-Static is a quick and visual effect where you cause borrowed objects to be attracted to each other, seemingly using static electricity.

X-Static is your new favorite impromptu effect – guaranteed!”
– Dave Forrest

Meet X-Static… It’s going to become your new favorite impromptu effect! That trick you do on the spot when someone asks you, “show me some magic”. X-Static is the effect you ‘go to’ anytime, because it’s perfect even when you have nothing on you.

Anywhere you like… without gaffs, props, or any set-up. No sleight of hand to worry about. Simply start causing things that belong to your spectators to bond together!

There are no magnets, no glues or sticky tape… the two items stick together whenever you want. You can even hand them out for examination… there’s nothing to reveal your secret.

Very easy to do
No glues or sticky tape
Items can be borrowed
Full routine taught
Ideas for multiple items
Can also be performed as a bar bet
35 minutes of tutorial